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Insightful Solutions Based on Proven Experience

Providing lean solutions to accomplish more in the areas of Mechanical Integrity and Operations.

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Welcome to Innovative Inspection Solutions. We are ready to work for your business.

Integrated Solutions

We provide a variety of services and systems that you can use to create personalized solutions for your overall mechanical integrity programs and services that save time, money and eliminate redundant efforts.
Quality Improvement

We deliver proven quality improvement methods and cost reduction strategies that improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of mechanical integrity programs and systems, as well as the performance of personnel in delivering products and services
Improved Data

We improve your accessibility to real time data and documentation that is vital to any mechanical integrity program.


  • Solid-PMI
    data management solution
    PMI Benefit3
    PMI Benefit 2
    asset management program
  • Solid-TA
    turnaround tracking solution
    document and photo system