The goal of Innovative Inspection Solutions is to provide insightful solutions based on proven experience to optimize MI programs from the field data gathering to the office processing. Innovative Inspection Solutions provides lean solutions to accomplish more in the areas of Mechanical Integrity and Operations.

Innovative Inspection Solutions is incorporated as a limited liability company in the state of Oklahoma and is headquartered in Collinsville,Oklahoma. It was founded to fill a void for Mechanical Integrity program consulting for owner users to assist them in implementing processes and procedures that will reduce cost and improve efficiency of their mechanical integrity programs. All other knowledgeable consultants are currently employed by contract inspection companies, where it is not in the bes interest of their employers to implement cost reduction processes that reduce billable time and potential profits. The company emphasizes the importance and benefits of a properly integrated Mechanical Integrity Program to reduce Mechanical Integrity costs while improving functionality of the resulting system to better support reporting, document control, data usability, and effective procedures.

Innovative Inspection Solutions is a client focused Mechanical Integrity program sulution provider. We provide services to owner users of mechanical integrity equipment as well as contract inspection organizations, with the overall goal of improving efficiency and cost effectiveness of mechanical integrity program implementations

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